Headlines and deadlines

A tiny white wildflower on a rocky hiking trail.

Spring is here! The first wildflower of 2013, spotted on the trail while walking with Nevis.

Some fun and interesting news you can use:

My friend Artl8dy has begun offering workshops in mixed media and art journaling. Contact Sharon Hendry Designs through Facebook, or @artl8dy on Twitter for more details.

Val Webb of the Illustrated Garden has a new schedule of classes, both online and real world. The most exciting workshop is Botanical Drawing: Splinter Hill Bog and Beyond, held April 25-27 at the Mobile Botanical Gardens in Mobile, Alabama. This is a great opportunity to see exotic pitcher plants, orchids and other unusual wildflowers in their native habitat while improving your observational drawing skills. Bill Finch, noted conservationist and executive director of the Botanical Gardens, will lead the tour and instruct participants in botany.

Daniel Atha, of the New York Botanical Gardens, has an interesting blog post about herbaria in today’s botany.

The anatomy of sight: An interesting article on tetrachromats, people with four types of cone cells in their eyes. These individuals can often see many more separate hues of color than those of us average folks with only three cone cells.

The New Indian Express reports that at least 168 plants are threatened with extinction in the Eastern Ghat Mountains of the Indian state of Andra Pradesh. Deforestation and mining are destroying the forest habitat of these plants, many of which are used in traditional Indian medicines.

Maria Coryell-Martin is an expeditionary artist specializing in polar regions. She and scientist Kristin Laidre are currently documenting the Arctic narwhals.


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