Christmas inspiration

Close up view of poinsettia bracts, Ice Punch variety

“Ice Punch” is the name of this poinsettia variety. I decorated for Christmas using 3 big poinsettia plants this year–no tree!

Don’t you just love poinsettias? I decided to decorate using just some big poinsettia plants this year instead of stressing about whether to get a potted tree or a fake one. These new varieties, “Ice Punch” and “Red Glitter” add a little change of pace to the normal scarlet velvet of the classic plant.

Red and white bracts of "Red Glitter" poinsettia.

This harlequin poinsettia is called “Red Glitter.” The general class of multi-colored poinsettias is known as “jingle bell” poinsettias by nurserymen and marketers.

Hope you have a wonderful week celebrating Christmas and all the winter holidays!

Resources: Here is a link to the legend of the poinsettia. You can find out about the botanical history of the plant here.


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