Monday morning inspiration: What motivates you to change?

Handlettered motivational text, "Change from a place of love."

Change from a place of love!

What is the driver behind your motivation when you decide to break old habits, or seek out a challenging goal?

Are you on a diet because you love your body and want to take care of it, or because you hate the way you look and feel?

Do you want to quit smoking because you deserve to breathe free and easy, or because you’re ashamed to stand outside your office looking like a juvenile delinquent puffing a butt before homeroom?

We usually make lifestyle changes because we are dissatisfied with the status quo. All too often, that also means we are unhappy with ourselves, too.

What if we decided to change because we loved ourselves? What if we took on challenges because we knew that we deserved better than the situation we’re in?

Saturday morning I woke up with the phrase, “Changing from a place of love” running through my mind. Maybe it was just seeing Friday’s Dr. Oz show featuring LaKeisha Shurn, and her inspiring decision to improve her life by improving her fitness for 100 days.

But I just had the very strong feeling that lasting improvement cannot come from self-disgust, it has to come from the desire to embody our better nature, to cherish and protect our own being.


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