Monday Inspirations: A trip to the garden center

A swallowtail butterfly on an orange dahlia in a green house in Santa Fe NM

This fabulous butterfly is (probably) a two-tailed swallowtail that I discovered wafting about the greenhouse at Payne’s Nursery on Friday afternoon. I was searching for some container plants for our portal, but quickly forgot about my errand when this beauty floated by.

This weekend I started reading Lilla Roger’s I Just Like to Make Things, a book of career information and creative exercises for artists who would like to find a market for their art, illustration and design. The first exercise in the book is to record everything the reader finds inspirational for one week. I thought I might list my inspirations this week here on the blog.

Friday’s inspirations:

  • The butterfly!
  • The arrival of the book, I Just Like to Make Things

Saturday’s inspirations:

  • Painting a picture of a pear using only red, yellow and blue
  • Watching Slaying the Badger, an ESPN documentary about the rivalry between Greg Lemond and Bernard Hinault, culminating in Lemond’s victory over Hinault in the 1986 Tour de France. Even though I saw original broadcasts of Lemond’s races and wins on TV in the ’80s, this movie offered a lot of interesting detail about the two men’s relationship and characters.

Sunday’s inspirations:

  • Walking the dogs in the early morning.

Did you bump into anything inspiring this weekend?

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