Portrait of a pear: Introducing my Society 6 shop


A botanical art watercolor of a Bartlett pear.

“Portrait of a Pear,” 8.5″ x 11″ watercolor on hot-press Fabriano Artistico paper, by Wren M. Allen

I’m so excited and proud to announce that my first print is now available at Society6! Here’s the story behind this simple portrait of a pear:

Last week I spied the first pears of the season at the grocery store. I sat down this weekend and painted this Bartlett pear on Saturday morning. The angled stem and dried leaves added to the character of the petite fruit.

To increase the challenge, I restricted my palette to three colors: cadmium yellow lemon, cobalt blue and alizarin crimson. Instead of stippling, I stamped the tips of a mostly dry flat brush onto the paper to add the freckled texture of the pear’s skin.

Purples, blues, greens and browns mixed from just red yellow and blue watercolor paint.

All these colors were achieved using only cadmium lemon, cobalt blue and alizarin crimson!

Please let me know what you think in the comments!

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