Meeting resistance as I start the Hello Soul, Hello Mantras e-course


Kelly Rae Roberts' mixed-media art class requires type, decorative paper and acrylic paints, among other supplies

Why you should never get rid of anything: Two years after getting rid of all kinds of “extraneous” art supplies, I’ve enrolled in a mixed media art class and need to go out and buy what I used to have! lol

Kelly Rae Roberts’ mixed-media painting e-course started officially yesterday, and already I am facing the challenge of internal resistance.

Two years ago I gave away all of my art supplies except for watercolor, inks, colored pencils and pastels in preparation for our big move to New Mexico. It was time to pare down, to fit my new and much smaller work space, to say goodbye to open options and hello to focus on one direction as an artist.

It was painful to get rid of drawers of beautiful papers collected slowly through the years, print ephemera and souvenirs like maps, matchbook covers, brochures gathered from every place we’ve lived or visited, jars of paint and odd tools purchased here and there on a whim.

But after giving it all away, I felt good. Clear. Open. Free.

And now I discovered I would need all of these things I gave away for this course.

Like all transitions, this one is painful.

The questions arise:

  • Do I really want to re-open my art practice to multiple expressions?
  • Should I really be spending all this money just to play and explore?
  • Last, but far from least: Where will I put all this stuff??? Yikes!
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2 thoughts on “Meeting resistance as I start the Hello Soul, Hello Mantras e-course

  1. Kelly Rae’s art is very inspiring. I listened to a webinar and bought her book. Once i practiced all her techniques, i found other ephemera than the “store bought” ones to use. (Objects and papers found while on walks or travelling.)

    • Wow, I’ll bet you learned a lot. Yeah, I regretted throwing out all the sugar packets, maps, bar coasters, etc I’d collected over the years once I realized how handy they’d be now! 🙂

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