Bluebird winter days

Pinon pinecone lightly dusted with snow against a deep blue New Mexico sky.

A happy weekend to you from the sun- and snow-kissed Land of Enchantment!

El Niño has come to the desert southwest with generous snowfalls! This periodic warm-water oscillation in the Pacific Ocean provides much needed extra precipatation for the desert climates of the southwestern US and northern Mexico. Santa Fe is currently about 8″ ahead of average snowfall, and the rest of the state is enjoying greater than normal amounts of the fluffy white stuff as well.

The winter got off to a good start with a first snow in the high desert around my house on November 5. After a road-closing blizzard right before New Year’s, we’ve had smaller but meaningful snowfalls throughout the winter.

For all you skiers, Ski New Mexico has a regularly updated snow report for all resorts in the state.

The winter season is a wonderful time to enjoy the outdoors here in New Mexico. Even though the weather is milder than the northern tier of states, don’t forget common sense and safety precautions when you hit the trails. Dress in layers and be sure to include a waterproof outer layer in case of snow. Carry along plenty of water and snacks in your daypack, and off-piste safety gear. A fleece blanket in your car is a good idea, if you get stuck.

How will you be spending your beautiful weekend?

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2 thoughts on “Bluebird winter days

  1. Lovely! That blue is amazing. You just may have more snow than we have in Alaska right now . . . in Anchorage, at least. Seems this winter has spent most of its days above freezing. Enjoy your weekend and the beauty of winter!

    • Hi Mary Anne!
      The interesting thing about snow here is that because it’s so dry, any snow that falls will typically evaporate/sublimate into the air within a few short days. Of course, at ski basin altitude, there’s enough snow to stick around for the season, lol!
      Have a great weekend. 🙂

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