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Hi there! My blog policy page is a bit of a stiff and pedantic dog’s breakfast of legal prose at the moment. I’m busy writing something more user-friendly. Till then, try sorting your way through the minefield below, and if you have any questions, drop me a line!

Copyright Notice:

NOTICE: All images on this site, unless otherwise credited, are copyrighted and belong to Wren M. Allen of Wrenaissance Art or are licensed to clients of Wren M. Allen and used with their permission. Unauthorized use of these images is forbidden under copyright law. To license use of these images, please contact Wren M. Allen of Wrenaissance Art. Thank you!

Advertising and Affiliate Programs

Wrenaissance Art is an affiliate publisher for the companies listed below. I earn a small commission on all purchases made at these companies’ websites when you click on any link that leads to them. These advertising links are found on the sidebar and also in occasional blog posts.


Wrenaissance Art is an Amazon Affiliate site. As of September 22, 2012, all new links on this site that go to Amazon will provide me with a small commission fee if you make any purchases. This will not increase the cost to you, and will help support me as an artist.

Please click here to go to Amazon’s home page


Wrenaissance Art is an affiliate publisher with AvantLink. I have recently applied to represent some of AvantLink’s merchant clients, and will provide further information once I have been accepted as an affiliate for those companies.

AvantLink merchants advertising on this site:

  • 100% Pure: Plant-based cosmetics and skin care
  • REI: Co-operative retailer specializing in outdoor gear, equipment and clothing. My husband and I have been members of this co-op shop for over 30 years. I highly recommend!
  • Arbor Day Foundation: The non-profit organization devoted to planting trees and conserving the natural environment.
  • E-parks: Souvenirs and memorabilia of US national parks. Proceeds from sales help to support the national park programs.
  • AvantLink: An affiliate-marketing program specializing in the outdoor and nature market.

Other Links and Sales Policies:

When I write a product review, it is because I have purchased that product with my own money, when I need a particular product, and find it to be a useful addition to my outdoor and studio kit.

I also have links leading to websites where I sell my art online. I earn a commission on sales of my print-on-demand products such as mugs, posters, etc. These companies have a good reputation for quality and turnaround. They will handle all returns and exchanges. Do let me know if you are ever dissatisfied with one of my art re-prints bought through these merchants so I can check my file quality and improve it.

I am not compensated for any other links to other websites found on my blog or website. These include links to interesting resources, links used to research blog posts, and links to other artists, bloggers and other sites listed on my blogroll. All links are good at time of publication. I am not responsible for changes to other people’s websites.

Privacy Policy:

I do not personally collect information on the readers of my website. Cookies placed by advertisers with whom I affiliate are governed by that advertiser and the affiliate network that represents them. Please contact the advertiser or the affiliate network for further information on their cookie policy. This website uses the free version of the Comment Luv plug-in, which allows commenters to publish a link to their own site when they comment here. I also use the LinkWithin plug-in. Please use the link below to find out more about LinkWithin’s privacy policies.

Comment Policy:

You may now post a comment without having to be approved. Akismet is the spam filter used on this site. It does a great job of weeding out the majority of spambots.

Your name and email are required to comment. Why do I also require commenters to leave a name and email when commenting when I use Akismet? This gives me one more layer of protection to ensure that no clever spammers get into the comments. I do not collect or save your email address when you comment, I just check the comment to see you are a real person.