A new Pinterest board: Things I’d Like to Paint


I’ve recently created a new Pinterest board, titled Things I’d Like to Paint. So often, I have an idea, or see something that gets my inspiration juices flowing, but I don’t have time to paint or draw right then or there.

This board will be quick snapshots, usually with my iPhone, to serve as a notebook of ideas.

What do you think of using Pinterest as a digital sketchbook?

On my walk: Updates to my Pinterest board


I’ve updated my Pinterest board, “On my walk 2013: A photo 365 project.” I had been snapping away with the phone, but not uploading, thinking I’d adjust the lighting, crop, etc.

As a result, I fell behind in posting.

Lesson learned: This project is about recording the moment, and going on to the next, not about polishing the tu®d, ;-0

BTW: Blurry as it is, this is one of my favorite pix of the Terrorists, all snuggled early in the am, before the Highland Games begin.

Decorating with Botanical Art: A new Pinterest board


Do you like to use botanical art as decoration in your home? Or when you hear the words, “botanical art,” do you think of old and fusty prints lined up in traditional gilt frames on the wall?

I’ve just set up a new Pinterest board to address that issue, called Decorating with Botanical Art.  The board will feature images of interiors using botanical images in fresh, contemporary ways, as well as fun products that incorporate botanical and floral imagery.

Here’s an inspiring idea: Mount botanical sketches onto weathered wood planks cut to size (or to make it easier, foam-core), then arrange like a jigsaw puzzle within a larger frame. The Pottery Barn piece shown above (via Casa Sugar) is sold out, but you could collect and assemble your own, personalized version.

Let me know what you’d like to see there!

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