Making time for an artistic play-date

I’ve signed up for Kelly Rae Roberts’ “Hello Soul, Hello Mantra” online painting course. It should be a great opportunity to play with materials that have been lurking in my drawers, as well as cut loose with a freer, more gestural style. Another reason I signed up was to get a chance to incorporate text with images and experiment with abstraction.
Saturday I spent an hour or so with my vintage Indian wood textile-printing blocks and some liquid craft acrylic paints. If you print on dampened paper placed on a sheet of craft foam for cushioning, you can get a pretty good impression. Above you can see some imprints made with pearlescent peach paint layered over some watercolor washes.
Class starts September 8. Maybe you’d like to join me?

Alphabet Menagerie series available at museum gift shop

Acrobat, wood type, letterpress print, © 2005, Wren M. Allen

"Head over Heels" 21" x 17 1/2", was printed using antique wood display type.

On Thursday, I met with the gift shop manager and executive director of Houston’s Museum of Printing History. I am very pleased to announce that my Alphabet Menagerie series of monoprints has been accepted for sale in the museum’s gift shop!

This series was created in early 2005 at Peacock Visual Arts, when I lived in Aberdeen, Scotland. I used the art center’s collection of antique wood display type to create monoprints of various animals formed with the letters of their names. They were printed on an antique, Columbia-style, platen press at the art center.

I’ll have some photos of the series up on my portfolio page very soon. I spent the morning prepping prints for the presentation, so did not get around to painting any leaves Thursday.

Illustration Friday: Acrobat

Acrobat, wood type, letterpress print, © 2006, Wren M. Allen

Acrobat, © 2006, Wren M. Allen for Wrenaissance Art

It’s been awhile since I’ve participated in Illustration Friday.

This acrobat is another image in the Alphabet Menagerie series I created at Peacock Fine Arts Centre while I lived in Aberdeen. Except for the doubled Rs, the spelling is almost exactly that of the word itself. I love how the the B forms a classic harlequin/commedia dell’arte mask. Or are they Ray-Bans? 😉

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