Groovy Link of the Month: Urban Sketchers, Brazil

Some of the Brazilian correspondents for the Urban Sketching site have formed their own group blog to showcase the urban sketching movement in Brazil. The new blog is written mostly in Brazilian Portuguese with some English translations, and is named Urban Sketchers Brasil. Blog co-op members are based in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and other major Brazilian cities.

I learned about the site from a blog post by co-founder Eduardo Bajzek, who maintains Perspectivas e Sketches, a blog of his own sketching and professional architectural rendering projects.

While I lived in Rio, I was very impressed with the huge numbers and amazing talents of the artists and designers working in Brazil today. While the country is justly famous for its contributions to world music, it deserves to be much better known for its visual arts and design. Beatriz Milhazes and Vik Muniz are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the contemporary art world in Brazil!



Tomorrow is International Sketch Crawl Day!

Saturday, January 22, is International Sketch Crawl Day, when people all over the world get together to enjoy sketching with friends old and new.

The forums at the International Sketch Crawl site have notices for organized sketch crawls in locales picturesque or industrial, cafes or parks, outdoors and in. Take a look and see if a crawl is already arranged in a convenient location for you. Or just grab your sketchbook and pencil and head out the door to explore your neighborhood.

Where do you plan on sketching tomorrow?

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