Some big changes afoot in my life

Just a quick update to let you know that there are some exciting events occuring over here in my little corner of the Land of Enchantment!

I’ll be making an official announcement this week or next, once some details are finalized.

In the meantime, it’s back to physical rehab and stuccoing walls and roofs.

Até prossimo! xo


Groovy Link of the Month: PiBoIdMo and Tara Lazar

2014 PiBoIdMo logo courtesy of Tara Lazar and Vin Vogel.

Picture Book Idea Month is a 30-day writing challenge created by children’s author Tara Lazar. Logo designed by Vin Vogel.

This month is Picture Book Idea Month, or PiBoIdMo, an online writing challenge created by children’s author Tara Lazar, whose blog is called Writing for Kids (While Raising Them). The Twitter hashtag is #PiBoIdMo and Lazar’s Twitter handle is @TaraLazar.

Lazar created the challenge as a response to the NaNoWriMo challenge, in which participants are encouraged to write a 50,000 word rough draft of a novel and upload it online. She felt that the 50,000 word project had little relevance for aspiring children’s authors, so was inspired to create a participatory goal-setting event that could kickstart emerging picture-book writers’ work habits.

The concept is simple: after signing up, participants agree to take some time every day during the month of November and jot down a storyline or concept for a children’s picture book. The challenge is run on the honor system and participants are not obligated to divulge their brilliant ideas online or publicly. At the end of November participants return to Lazar’s site and sign in to certify they completed the 30-day writing goal.

Every day this month, guest authors are posting inspirational essays and/or writing and drawing tips on Lazar’s blog. There will also be prizes distributed at the end of the month. Prizes include fun items like mugs and signed copies of guest bloggers’ published picture books.

Image Credit: Vin Vogel designed the 2014 PiBoIdMo logo/banner for use by Lazar’s blog and challenge participants. Be sure to check out his site, which features lively pen & ink work and flat-color vector illustrations.

Welcoming new affiliate The Arbor Day Foundation

Uprooted and overturned dead piñon tree.

Beer may have been involved: This dead piñon tree was flipped upside down by off-road cyclists in a public-use area near Santa Fe, NM. Pine-boring beetles are decimating the pine tree populations of the US Rocky Mountains, resulting in dead trees throughout the West.

I would like to welcome The Arbor Day Foundation to the list of affiliated merchants on this site.

This international movement to plant trees and conserve nature has the motto, “We inspire people to plant, nurture and celebrate trees.” The organization was founded in 1972, the centennial year of the first Arbor Day, the grassroots tree-planting and conservation movement founded by J. Sterling Morton of Nebraska. Growing up in Nebraska, I remember many Arbor Day tree-planting ceremonies and frequently visited the J. Sterling Morton house museum, dedicated to the legacy of this visionary man.

As a native Nebraskan and nature-loving artist, I think the mission of The Arbor Day Foundation is well worth supporting. If you would like to buy trees or other products that will support The Arbor Day Foundation and its conservation and outreach programs, please click the link at the bottom of this post or in my sidebar to do your shopping. For every purchase you make through this site, I will receive a small commission that will help me to pay for the expense of running an independent website.

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