Hello Soul, Hello Mantras: Discovering personal mantras

Pyrrol red, green curry, cadmium yellow and orange, and indigo are some of the acrylic paint colors in Wren Allen's studio.

Acid-bright colors take me back to grade-school days drawing with crayons!

While I waited for my acrylic paints to arrive, I spent the week working on the writing and guided meditation exercises that are the foundation of Kelly Rae Roberts’ Hello Soul, Hello Mantras painting e-course. I’ve completed 2 of the exercises so far, and found them to be surprisingly challenging.

One of the interesting things that I realized while I was doing the exercises, was how often the mottos or phrases I use as motivation are actually more like an inner drill-sergeant barking out orders. “Half way is better than no way.” “Can’t never could do anything.” “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” Etc, etc.

The result of those “drop and give me 10” style of internal tapes was often anxiety and frustration when the to-do list didn’t get done!

Some of the mantras I’ve developed so far, with a couple of notes:

  • Leave the beets. Eat the pudding. How often do I put off studio time in favor of the necessary drudgery of living? This mantra is a twist on the Pink Floyd’s The Wall, lol. 🙂
  • Get out of your head and into the now. How often do you find yourself stewing about some negative experience or emotion when you are surrounded by a perfectly beautiful day or enjoyable outing? I know I need to remind myself to be present in the glorious moment!
  • Perceive with the eyes of your heart.
  • You are allowed to ask for the help you need.
  • Seek out moments of delight. A reminder to drop that nagging to-do list once in a while.
  • Heal. I’ve been battling a shoulder/neck injury and overtraining this year. Sometimes you just need to step back and let the body recuperate.
  • Savor. Another reminder to be in the moment.

How about you? Do you find that your personal mottos tend to come from a drill sergeant, a cheerleader, a scolding parent?

Groovy Link of the Month: Mieke Roth, science illustrator

Mieke Roth is a Dutch scientific illustrator who specializes in 3-D renderings and conceptual technical illustration projects. Her work can be found online at her website and Sketchfab.

She is also a founding partner in Animal Inside, a boutique start-up for platform-independent, 3-D anatomical animal renderings aimed at the education and reference market.

It’s a lot of fun to see what’s being produced in the realm of commissioned technical illustration. Most artists working for institutions and companies have been using Photoshop, AutoCad, and the various 3-D rendering softwares for many years now.

More links to her work can be found at Scientific American’s Symbiartic blog.

Current project: Polyphemus moth

Happy Monday to all. Is your week getting off to a good start?

This Saturday I put the finishing touches on the Polyphemus Moth with Japanese Brocade.  What made working on this piece so much fun was the way the brightly colored pastel paper pushed the color palette away from the representational and into a nearly psychedelic surreality. The Japanese brocade used the same little strokes to render the textile as the feathery surface of the moth, which unifies the surface.

I’ll give a shout out once I’ve scanned and posted this to the shop. I think it’s going to be a great smart phone cover, don’t you?

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