Happy New Year, the Chinese edition

Today is the start of the Year of the Horse, according to the traditional Chinese lunar calendar. The holiday lasts for 15 days and includes parades, gifts for children, family reunions and of course, lots of feasting on special foods designed to bring good luck.

Homes are cleaned thoroughly before the start of the holiday, but no housework is done during the festival. The tradition holds that if you sweep your house during the Chinese New Year, you’ll sweep the good luck out with the dust. A New Year’s tradition I can get behind! 🙂

Yesterday I decided to step up my distraction reduction and deleted Twitter and Pinterest from my phone and iPad. I’m already feeling a few withdrawal pangs, lol, but this ought to reduce the number of on-screen temptations.

Be sure and check out the Metropolitan Museum’s Pinterest board of horses in honor of the holiday!

Resources and mood-setters:

Decorate with flowers and plants: How about a terrarium?



From simple ferns and succulents under glass to whimsical fairy gardens, terrariums seem to be popping up everywhere these days.

My Pinterest board, “Decorate with Flowers and Plants,” features some links to both how-to instructions and inspiring examples.


A new Pinterest board: Things I’d Like to Paint


I’ve recently created a new Pinterest board, titled Things I’d Like to Paint. So often, I have an idea, or see something that gets my inspiration juices flowing, but I don’t have time to paint or draw right then or there.

This board will be quick snapshots, usually with my iPhone, to serve as a notebook of ideas.

What do you think of using Pinterest as a digital sketchbook?

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