Texas wildflower sightings

Wild about Texas Wildflowers is a small website devoted to Texas wildflowers. The site contains a photo-illustrated identification guide page usefully organized by color and a Q-and-A page, where readers send in their photos of unusual blossoms they have spotted in the Texas countryside and get them identified by other helpful readers of the site.

You can also send in updates of your own wildflower sightings. Lone Star Internet, an Austin-based web design firm created Wild about Texas Wildflowers to showcase their database design and management. While the visual appearance of the site is pretty basic, Texas wildflower aficionados will enjoy adding it to their information resources as they track down the latest and greatest bloom sites around the state.

Credit where it’s due! A photo-crediting flow chart

Design*Sponge just published a flow chart of the how’s, why’s and when’s of using and crediting others’ images on your own blog. The flow chart was written and designed by Pia Jane Bijkerk, Erin Loechner and Yvette van Boven.
Unfortunately, many bloggers remain ignorant about respecting other people’s copyright and image usage and licensing. Even worse, some are determined to ignore courtesy, ethics and law in order to decorate their online publications with pretty pictures, or to make a profit by repackaging other people’s hard work and creativity.
This hand-lettered chalkboard flow chart educates with humor. Go take a look! 🙂

Site design changes at Wrenaissance Art

It’s time to start rebuilding this site to function as a portfolio site. To that end, I am testing out different WordPress themes. Bear with me while construction is under way!

As always when a new theme is installed, then deactivated, the old theme exhibits odd changes in appearance. How frustrating.

Right now, I’m trying out the Twenty Ten theme.

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